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How to grow Instagram Followers Organically

Hello Beautiful Friends, Today's post is all about how to organically grow your Instagram (IG) followers. Its so easy to get into trap of dangerous spiral of buying likes and followers but there are two caveats to this strategy: first off, you need to be ready to spend a lot of fortune on this and keep the financial investment going for a long long time because as soon as you stop the investment you will see that sudden drop! Second, the ultimate goal of followers are mostly that you want to sell your service or your product so if your followers are nothing but bots then you are basically talking to yourself! If you agree with the points I have shared with you so far, I encourage you to stay tuned on few tips I share here on how I organically grow my followers. 1) Pay Attention to Your Name on Bio: this really helps on optimizing the SEO of your IG. For example, if you are a photographer, mention photography in your name because when people search for photographer your name m

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